I didn’t know I’d be going to the beach today..but it was nice 😁
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is it summer yet?…
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Elizabeth Tran
♂Flirty Asians♂
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Shameless car selfie. Hello new followers! Welcome to my blog. I’ve gained around 45 to 50 new followers so bare with me on the follow backs. I will get to them. Same with messages. I will always reply!

follow her for her face … ms. adorable.
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okay so this is my “before” picture……. I’m gonna diet and work out 3 or 4 times a week from now until edc and I’ll post an after picture when I have a nice body. I munched waaaaay too hard on 420 and I’m determined to have a flat tummy again by edc. no more skinny fat chaneru! >:(
…….sigh let’s see how long I last

diet? why? you’re perfect!!!
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I added socks!

duck, duck, goose … no, it’s duck, duck, pretty baby-neko!!!
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